All we want to do is share art that is genuine about making the world better for the animals, plants, and people who inhabit it.

Thank you for considering us with your work and play.


For the Publishing Genius website, please send something good. Poetry, fiction, reviews, interviews, videos, songs. If you want to send a file type that isn't accepted via the form here, email

Currently we are looking for “secondary material”—interviews and reviews and other contributions that feature literary and/or AV and/or art projects created by people other than the person submitting.

We are especially interested in writing that amplifies and highlights the work, lives, and experiences of people who live and work on the margins.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, however, if you are sending a batch of poems and one is accepted elsewhere, please withdraw the entire submission (and feel free to resubmit the others). We can't track emails notifying us that one was selected.

Response times and publication schedule will vary. Queries are completely acceptable after a couple weeks.

Payment is $10 for accepted work. You'll retain all rights to your work, so feel free to republish (relatedly, we accept previously published material).

Publishing Genius